Best food truck in Plainfield, NJ

You can never have 2muchsauce in Plainfield! Don’t feel like cooking? Tired of fast food all the time on lunch break? Located on the corner of Park ave & Randolph road in Plainfield, Nj, 2muchsaucefoodtruck  got your lunch & dinner set! When I first heard about this food truck, I thought it was just another average food joint tryna collect money, which we all are, but this one right here got people coming from different towns just to get a plate. You’ll end up reconnecting with family and friends at this truck. It was just a minor thing in the beginning that took up the whole 4th street, it’s not even about “what’s the wave”, or a corner store sub anymore, if you ain’t try 2muchsauce, where have you been? You know when something is seasoned just right, not too much of this, and not too much of that, HEAVEN!

What’s even more amazing about this food truck is that it has brought Plainfield together in a way, as mentioned by Elijahwon, and agreed by myself. The idea of the food truck was definitely for another source of income, but to also bring the “hood” out of Plainfield and show everyone that’s not what this city is about, showing positivity to the young women and men, for us all. We all snap about different things, and soon as somebody snaps a pic of food, one asks where you got that from. It’s the talk of the town. I remember when the truck first opened up and I hadn’t heard anything about it, but always seen the street so full of cars. This was when I first learned of that good ol’ banana pudding!

You see, the passion we have for such things such as cooking, writing, drawing, rapping, could always be contributed to and shown in a positive light. It doesn’t have to be a lot of negativity. We all are for the same thing, success, so why not work together, or show one another positivity which Elijahwon, kyle, and team have done an awesome job thus far through their food. Long story short, no amount of sauce is 2much, and it’s always an amazing taste. 🤞🏾

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