Livay’s Sweet Shop

From cupcakes to cake-pops, Livay’s Sweet Shop (click link to view her web page) has got it all! Plainfield’s got a few favorite everything & everyone, but I believe Livay (click link to view her instagram), is everyone’s favorite baker! The energy given when you enter and exit her sweet shop is amazing! “Have a sweet day!” *thinks to self with 4 cupcakes* “Oh I surely will!” 😂😂

Any cake/cupcake you look at, definitely portrays it’s name well, which is my favorite part of the whole cake/cupcake. If it’s a “Banana pudding” cupcake, it’s got our favorite Nilla wafer on top with a banana cupcake taste, and a banana pudding custard on the inside. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Same for every other cake/cupcake. You really feel like it’s banana pudding you’re eating. I’m not big on Carrot cake, but the way it was designed made me actually want to try it. It’s the design of the cupcake and how it connects to it’s name, that really grabs me.

I’ve been in and out this shop for years now, my whole family to be exact. My uncle shows up just about every Thursday and grabs four of our favorite Cookies & Cream, but today it was me, doesn’t it look amazing?tempimageforsave

I’m big on Cookies & Cream, and Red velvet (both of which she does an amazing job whether in the form of a cupcake, cake, or cake pop), but today I figured, let me try something different, the banana pudding cupcake.


If you’re ever in Plainfield, you should stop right on by 104b watchung ave, Plainfield, NJ and grab US a cupcake, because I kinda think that one banana pudding wasn’t enough for me.




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