Love and it’s meanings.

There are different kinds and types of love, and how to do so. There’s a caring to a certain extent for one another type of love, a bond rather. That “Call me if you need me love.” There’s also a “that’s my best friend, sister, cousin, etc., and you better not touch ’em or I’m coming for you ,” type of love. That love is always good to have around in all times (good and bad), positive vibes. Then there’s also that soul loving with a partner, that deep loving that can compare to no other love; that’s what brings you two closer.

Regardless of what type of love it is, sometimes you have to love from a distance. Sometimes it’s better for you and that person/people emotionally, financially, and mentally. Not every form of Love is perfect, sometimes it’s too much, sometimes it’s too little, and sometimes people aren’t used to being loved in a certain way and don’t know how to handle it. You can still have love for a person and not be around them/talk to them often. It’s called SPACE. Depending on the type of love it is, in some cases it’s 5 minutes, some 5 hours, and some 5 years. Sometimes space isn’t good, like you’re in one town, and the other person/people are miles away from you, and you’re just missing them. Or only seeing certain people on special occasions, love is such a broad word I’m telling ya!

Any person loving you, or who you have love for should always have your greatest intention at heart, people now n days don’t pay attention to the fact that certain people get close to you for different reasons other than love. You’ve got to be mindful of those who say they love you, and those who show it. Just in case you didn’t understand how to love.

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