Sunday’s Home Cooked Meal

If you momma’ ain’t cook any other day, she made sure she cooked that Sunday dinner, it’s like a tradition. Nobody cooks better than your mother and what you’re used too. I got the pleasure of enjoying many Sunday meals and being everyone’s taste tester. Sunday’s are supposed to be family days, in my eyes. It’s a day to sit and catch up with your family and worry about work later. Most of us like to get our laundry and hair done, etc., but it’s not too often that you have family time. Mom’s coming in from work, and Dad’s leaving; or they both come in at the same time and go to sleep. Things like this happen and it causes you to loose a bond with one another and miss out on each other’s life.

Just because you didn’t attend Church today doesn’t mean the lord don’t know who you are, but you should definitely be thankful for each thing you have right down to the clothes on your back. Not many are as fortunate to have the latest things, a home, or clothes period, so here is where I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge them. You are not alone, and I pray that the blessings you need come in your path today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. I probably just made someone’s day and don’t even know it, lol. Tomorrow’s never promised, so we should be thankful for what and who we have, and what better way to show appreciation than quality time? It shouldn’t only take holidays and funerals to bring us together, we have got to do better than that.

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