“Come from the same fam, but we got different views.”


Brothers by blood, bonded with music, bringing it to you on the same day! Dj Bigz and Yojd both will have you tuned in, just in a different way. You can’t present someone music if you don’t understand it whether it be you rapping/producing (Yojd), or you being a Dj/producer (Dj Bigz). Great at, but not limited to, dancehall, Dj Bigz drops his mix today via mixcloud (click link), more info available via instagram (click link). He knows the mood of any crowd well, what they wanna hear, and when it’s time to change the song.


On the other hand delivering greatness through voice, and beats, Yojd and tye are dropping a fire album tonight @ 10 via (https://www.theepiclifestyle.com/). Together they have a mind that doesn’t hold anything back and speaks the truth. Sometimes hearing that through music is what we need, and definitely how one expresses themselves it’s up to you to agree. Together they are EpicLifestyle, make you feel them through voice or instrumental.


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