Celebstyles, Best In Town!

Shape up so fresh, feel so clean, Celeb stylez is where it’s at, nah mean? Got Carl, ShidiNando, and T.Myers, working as a team, and it’s more like a family thing, just different blood, same stream. The energy given in this shop is like where you’d come after a bad day, if it was up to me, I’d chill there even on days I didn’t need a cut. Ladies can get shape ups too, and I keep my waves on spin thanks to Shidi.


Here’s one of the shop’s greatest blessings, The owner, Carlito. The one who hooks up dcyoungfly, Chico Bean, Nick Cannon, and most of the Wild N’ Out crew. I am thankful to witness such great success and such business. With such a nice waiting area, even if you didn’t grab a seat, the great vibes going through the shop would make you forget you’re even waiting, and oddly enough it’s never a long wait.



Then there’s my man Shidi, I wouldn’t be as happy with having my haircut if it wasn’t for him. He takes his time with any corner of ya head, shape up so square, waves in the right direction, they’ll even wash and condition, gotta keep you fresh! I’ve never been disappointed with my cut, EVER, infact, I’m on snapchat showing the world as soon as I get out the chair.


The greeting from Nando as soon as you enter the shop is amazing. It’s like “Wassup fam, I ain’t seen you in a while, how you been?”, although you ain’t never seen ’em. It’s so much to talk about in such a small cut, stand there in his mirror after ya cut admiring it, while finishing that conversation. Check out his work, AMAZING!

And then there’s that tall “Basic Celebrity.” He’s more than just a barber, a fashion artist/model. Also cutting for 21 savage, and some of the Wild N’ Out crew, his height don’t matter when he’s got a head to master. Cutting hair ain’t all CelebStyles do, men need facials, wash, and deep conditioner too. All I’m saying is if you haven’t visited them yet, what are you waiting for?



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