Supa Dizz Bday Bash

Central Jersey’s DJ of the year is throwing a bday bash finally where it’s all about him and nobody else! You’ve seen him inna De Island Breeze, Hugo’s, Prince hall, etc., leaving little room on the dance floor to order ya drink because everybody loves fi him music and everybody’s tearin up di dance floor. Clearly in the photo below, you can see him nah need help, mad man stand alone. But, SHAKING Da complex along with him 05/19/2018 Strictly Business, High Alert, DJ russian, and Mr.Kool.


For tickets DM Supa Dizz via instagram (click link).

Party starts at 7,  but you might wanna get there a lil early for your parking spot. Right here in Plainfield, Nj, MAY 19TH! When you have a profession that involves constant promotion and hard work, you must do so. You can’t just say “oh I got their attention, the streets know my name, I’m good.” Nah, after a while your name dies down if you don’t keep up with it, and that’s with ANY PROFESSION, and this one here playing on his birthday. AH MAD TING FAM!

( Jessica Hunter )

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