Just thoughts..

If you know something/something, or a situation isn’t good for you, why do you continuously run back/use it? Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with certain situations and turn towards the wrong thing/people for help. Not everyone is going to understand what you are trying to say, and only some will listen. No matter how tough things get, never turn to Drugs or Alcohol as something to lean on. I inspire to save the lives of others when I can and by writing. No one’s life is easy, but I know if I stopped writing, I’d deeply affect the lives of some.

It’s funny because people complain “you don’t now what I’ve been through,” etc. #1 It’s always someone who has it worse than you. #2 You take pain, everything you’ve been through, and you turn it into a learning opportunity. You can use past/present to help yourself push forward. Your current situation should always push you forward, regardless of where/what you’re doing. I was in a shelter before, had my clothes stolen and all, now I’m back with family until I can get myself together. Although some of us may not have people to run to, I’ve met people who have been in my predicament, and worse, who are now VERY successful. We all came from some hard time, things wasn’t just handed to us.

If I’m telling you something is not for you, it’s because I care for you. What you choose to do with that knowledge is completely up to you. As a friend, I support anything my loved ones are doing, but if you can’t handle constructive criticism, how do you expect to push through life in general. Yeah people are going to constantly talk about you til’ the day you die, but let’s give them something positive to remember us by.

( Jessica Hunter )

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