Single Parents

Being a single parent isn’t always easy. Granted, it definitely shows you how to be an adult, and more independent, but it isn’t fair towards the parent nor child. I don’t think any single parent is recognized for the good that they do, and it’s not just Mothers. Not saying it’s a good thing, but people brag about not wanting to use EBT and such. Shoot, it helps, how do you think half of ya’ll survived? As a parent you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

Unless the situation was dangerous, no child should have to experience growing up without both parents. None of us asked to be here, and we all know the possibilities of what can happen when laying in that bed. Any relationship/jealously argument is between the parents, not including the child. Always give your child the decision of knowing both parents and allow the decision to be between him/her, unless it was dangerous, or the parent left. As a parent, how could you leave your child? Especially if they look just like you. Your child is all the more reason why you should be getting your life together. If you know what it feels like to be neglected by a family member, why would you do the same?

Although times get hard, getting locked up is not where you want to spend time with your child during visitation. It shouldn’t even take getting locked up to get your mind right, ya’ll know God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. Children remember things at such a young age, you’d be surprised. All i’m saying is keep yourself together for your child. All single parents, you are recognized, God bless you. 🙏🏾

(Jessica Hunter)

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