My 1st Haircut.

At first, I was kinda skeptical about cutting my hair because I didn’t know what cut I wanted and how I’d look. I had done just about everything from braids, sew-ins, dying it blue, and wearing wigs all as expression of what/how I was feeling. Believe it or not, hair is an expression of you. When I cut my hair, I was going through things. So, cutting my hair was like cutting that away too. People always ask what made me do it and how I was able too, uh the help of one of the best barbers 💈 Shidi. (Click the link to contact him via IG)


The above picture is my very first haircut. I felt so free after doing so, as many other females who cut their hair have said the same. Just because a female cuts her hair does not mean she is sick, you know how many times I got asked that? It just feels good to be able to brush n’ go. Hair styles and new growth could be an issue some don’t wanna deal with, so after In deciding to cut my hair, I left it all in Shidi’s hands. Look good if you ask me. (pics below) I always catch him at the first workplace Celebstyles (112 New Market Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080) , but if it’s real important, I’ll pull up on him at somebody’s Gym, LMFAO jk.




(Jessica Hunter)

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