This whole Bill Cosby situation.

I can not fully speak upon the Bill Cosby situation, yet I have looked into the allegations. Now, I am not saying anything is right or wrong, but as children weren’t we always taught to pay attention to what people give you or not to trust anything given to you from someone you don’t know? I haven’t looked to deep into the situation yet, just throwing thoughts out there. People with fame or a known name tend to get a lot of people throwing themselves at them for fame, money and recognition. Now scrolling through social media and seeing people bash his name, yet you didn’t even know that had happened, and he practically raised you.

Despite the allegations through the press, tv, and others, he was infact an “American Dad”, as many others stated and I must agree. You used to rush home from school or stay up late watching his show, did you hear of any actor working with him having issues? Keisha Knight Pulliam agreed to that not being the man she had known growing up, and it looks like he “raised her” pretty well. I’m not saying who’s right or wrong, but remember he was once your “dad” too.

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