Different cuts


I know my barber probably looking for me considering I ain’t been to him in a while, but the other day I needed a haircut BAD and couldn’t hold it, so I visited 3h Precision Barbers and Stylist in downtown, Plainfield, Nj. As a blogger, poet, and writer, I feel it’s great to experience new ways of everything you’re used to. Wasn’t my first time in the shop, but it was my first cut and it wasn’t bad. Thanks to the Celebrity Barber himself, my shape up is lit, wait wasn’t long, & we both gave each other wisdom. Although this blog is meant to be about cuts, he brought up some great points. You control your mind, thoughts, and feelings, you control what you feel, how you feel it, and how you handle it. The vibes in the shop alone, as any Jamaican place was amazing. So much communication, television, and can even grab a snack/drink while you wait.

Check my boy hodd out (man in the photo below) w/ the fresh cut from the celebrity barber himself. DEF a recommend!!

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