Who You Are.

Why is it okay for girls to be gay, but guys can’t? Your sexuality should never define you as a person, and who you are. You like what you like, and no one can stop you. It’s unfair to the world to just pay attention to one side of the situation (girls), and not us all. None of us asked to be here, we all weren’t shown how to love, who to love, and who we choose to love, which should not define us. They say it’s very interesting when girls are gay, but guys are often stared at and criticized. We all are cut from the same cloth, and maybe if Eve never bit the Apple, none of us would be in this mess.

Equality is very important, whether it be race, height, sexuality, or disability. We don’t pay attention to each other and how things affect one another. I feel like being who you are as a person is very important. You should never change yourself just to fit in or be accepted. If they can’t accept you for you, then they shouldn’t know you. We each have a great gift sent from God to deliver to the world, pay attention to what you say, and how you say it to one another. What if someone mentioned your sexuality, or your race, what would you do? Do you ever notice how you wouldn’t know something about someone until you ask? Just because their skin is a certain color or they walk a certain way doesn’t mean what you think it means. Too often we worry about others more than ourselves. Why is that? What is that proving? You feel comfortable questioning someone else’s life not knowing where they came from? If something was to happen, how would you feel? A lot of times suicide comes from people not being able to express to the world, who they are as a person, or not being accepted for who they are as a person. As I always say, none of us asked to be here, but we were each given a gift. My gift to you all, given from God was the gift of knowledge and helping change the world, which I am currently putting to use.

Figure out how to make yourself better, instead of worrying about the next person. I talked to a few of my friends and random people, and you’d be surprised at where they came from and how far they made it. You never know, it could be an inspiration to you. Sharing my story and emotions puts me at ease because I know others who feel the same way if not worse. Never let anyone tell you who you are and how to live your life, it’s yours, and you should never take that away from yourself. Always remember you are the shit.

(Jessica Hunter)

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