New Poetry From My Bestfriend

Three years ago, I got into an argument with my ex over something I never understood, can’t even remember, but the argument was so dumb, it had me calmly pissed. I walked to the store, and somebody stopped me like “yo you look like you had a bad day, I know I am.” We stood right on the corner and talked for hours, and every since that day, we been best friends since. If you seen one of us, just know the other one was near, this is who kept me sane during tough times, positive vibes, positive advice, who pushed me, AND STILL PUSHING ME. Through drunk moments, high times, behind them bars, distance don’t mean anything. That’s really been MY BEST FRIEND, my ride or die since. I lost all our fun moments via icloud, but the friendship remains the same. Ya’ll know how I got my form of poetry, and I always encourage everybody to do the same,

Check my bestfriend’s work, titled “Living in pain.”

“In reality I’m living in pain, so sometimes I close my eyes to be away from this game. Most times I feel as though I’m living in shame, I’ve lost a lot but still have so much to gain. Betrayal is on my conscience heavy, it’s like it won’t leave my brain. I lived a treacherous life so who am I to blame? Me that’s who… because unlike the few, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. In reality I’m living in pain. Sometimes I wish I can reignite that Flame. But the old me died when I traded on the game. It’s time to close the old me and start a new reign. You must understand I want to open up a positive Lane, and I don’t care who thinks I’m lame, because my old life brings me pain.”

  • Elias Etheridge


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