Tired of saying R.I.P

I’m tired of saying R.I.P to a friend or family member damn near every other day. It takes a huge toll on me, especially during my birth month. None of us asked to be here as I always say, yet let’s make the best of it while we are here. Live it up, tell people you’re sorry and you love them because the same one who “hates” you or dislikes you is the first person kneeling at your casket. We take life for granted by intoxicating ourselves with certain drugs and drinks we know we can not handle, or that are not good for us. In all actuality, I believe medicine isn’t really necessary in life, unless for the major things. A lot of medical issues come from built up stress.

I constantly stress the “stress” issue, because I almost killed myself stressing. It’s not worth it, forgive, let go, and let god. There are others who look up to you. I’m tired of saying R.I.P to everyone instead of congratulations. When the last time you did something good for yourself or your family? When’s the last time you saw faith in yourself? I can count on my hand and prolly yours too how many people we lost of whom was well-known or loved. Loosing people should give you the strength to move forward. Although they are not here physically, we’ll meet up again. And just how they had your back when they was here, they still got your back spiritually. I can still hear Me and Sheema’s last conversation, and she was the one cheering me up, pushing me forward, and guaranteeing me that there was nothing to worry about. Rest in me baby. I keep telling ya’ll tomorrow’s never promised, beefing is overrated, being bitter is overrated, and when we meet up again, she’ll see me in a better state before. You just gotta hold the faith.

Start by congratulating yourself for the wake up and blessings thus far, and then give your family and friends something to congratulate you for.

(Jessica Hunter)

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