Are you on meds?

Ever notice how nothing is really wrong with you or until a doctor or someone says so. As I continue to take my daily medication, I always think to myself maybe I’m this way because of people and doctors continuously telling me something is wrong. I always wondered what would happen if I were to stop believing that, and made it true to myself that nothing was wrong. I believe that you believe who and what you want to, we each just have a special gift.
In my opinion, meds are just continuously used on people as guinea pigs. Have you found somebody with a cure to your situation? Maybe 1/2 way, and those who found a cure to their situation aren’t many. Where is the cure to Cancer? Yet so many people have different types. A lot of things they can’t find a cure for, and people still living. Medicine is what makes you believe there is something wrong with you, and wether you do it with someone or singly, it probably wouldn’t make a difference. Stop crying and start trying.

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