What Keeps Me So Strong?

You see, I was raised to always believe there is someone else out there who has it worst than me right now. The things that I am going through is just a minor test, though it does get tiring and painful, it’s minor. There’s always a cure for everything. You reading this blog is the cure to my smile. I believe I was placed on this earth to help others with the knowledge I was given and the things that I’ve seen. If I don’t stay strong for the next person, who will they have to look up to?

I’ve never been the type to truly acknowledge the things that I’ve overcome out loud, but let’s just say GOD IS GOOD! That’s what keeps me so strong, knowing that God got me, and my Angels up there are looking down upon me. I have something to be, I have something to prove to the world, and I’ve got to make my momma even more prouder than what she is. It’s called taking initiative, even with a medical issue, I’m still trying, so why can’t you?

Dear whomever reading this,

Never feel as though you have no one to talk to, guide you, or listen to you during the morning, evening, and night. If I’m not around, talk to God, HE HEARS YOU!! I made it this far, so can you!!

(Jessica Hunter)

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