That thang called “Love,” and what it do to you.

Sometimes you have to love from a distance in order to figure out why you loved closely in the first place. Sometimes you have to focus on your self in order to focus on the next person. Not everybody understands that because most of us have been lied to, most of us have been hurt before, or maybe even worse. Learning how to love someone is hard especially when they come with the whole package. There are not many people who accept you for who you are, and there are some who been in the same predicament that you had been in if not worse. Going through anything alone it’s never really good, but it strengthens you to get through your next obstacles on your own. I reached out to someone I “hurt”, because I was going through things of my own, not realizing that I had “hurt” that person.

I have a medical issue that requires a lot of medication and sometimes hospital stays. I never thought that anyone would be able to handle such a thing, especially at such a young age. I don’t ask for much, or help with anything. It’s just how this issue came on is all still new to me, I’d rather not put anyone else in the predicament to think they can handle such a thing. Although, when you love someone, none of that shouldn’t matter, but soon as you become sick that shit get difficult.

If you really love someone, do you let them go? If you really love someone do you give them the space that they need to progress? If you really love someone together or not are you still there for them? These are the things I ask myself on a daily basis. Depending on how real it is, love doesn’t just come and go. Whether it be friendship or a relationship, there’s always a tad bit that keeps you near. Just because you find a new friend doesn’t mean they replace the spot of the last person (best friend/Fav cousin/ bf/gf), and especially not so easily. Ever notice how when trying to move forward you tend to end up with someone/something with similar traits to the previous? All I can say is we live and we learn, whatever is meant to be with happen in the hands of God.

(Jessica Hunter)

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