More Commas, Less Friends. #CommaCrazy

I told y’all stop sleeping on Plainfield, NJ! The fashion out here is amazing. Have you heard of Comma Crazy? Not only is Plainfield wearing it, but DJ’s and NFL Players. I am all for supporting one another, and the idea of making money. When asked Founder Ab_Gotti his purpose of starting Comma Crazy and where he got the name from, similar to us all, he wanted a logo to grab the attention everyone, something catchy, something you won’t forget, and to make money of course like literaturebyjessc. What I love the most about this brand is how it started off. Started from the bottom now we here!

Collage 2018-06-22 18_56_17.jpg

As I always say you don’t just start off famous, or at the top, you work your way up. Things take time, hard work and dedication gets you to the top. What I love about Comma Crazy is they’ve took the income from their fashion and put it back into their fashion to become better. Sort of a inspiration for me to keep pushing forward, and I’m appreciative that Comma Crazy heard about my ability to blog/write. The different styles during the different seasons is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t got ya outfit, whatchu waiting for? I just seen my mans walking up the street the other day in one of these shirts. We just supporting one another in a positive way. Click all links to shop Comma Crazy’s page.

(Jessica Hunter)

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