So all over the internet, I am seeing the death of a 15 year old boy, and it is so heartbreaking. It appears that he was dragged out of the store and stabbed, where he then was able to get himself to the nearest hospital. There are a few different stories, but the boy “Junior”, was known as an innocent and joyful young boy. No dispute is ever worth such a disagreement, especially for a boy at such an age if that was the case.  To loose a a brother, a son, a nephew, a friend, at such a young age is heartbreaking. Rapper Cardi B even acknowledged the incident, view here : heartbroken

Do you not realize that we were all given a gift and a position on this earth for a reason? To share with one another, God got the rest. What is a dispute over a color, a street, a town, or a project really worth? Is it worth your life? Or maybe your family member’s life because they’re known to be related to you? People don’t think. The only one who really has your back is yourself, family, and God. Focus on yourself, and your life. It’s nice to have grown up around certain people, but remember when you were younger and saying “Imma grow up and be a Police Officer, Lawyer, or Firefighter, etc,”? Who grew up and said “Imma grow up and be a gang banger?” #Justiceforjunior man, nobody asked to be put in that position, and it makes me wanna bring my family closer. Cut all that violence out, we got kids who look up to us, is this what you want?

(Jessica Hunter)

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