Our Ups And Downs – Elias

As always I support anything distributing a positive insight on something negative. My best friend writes poetry in his spare time, and I actually was digging his work. When he gets up, we gon’ get him set up, but instead check this out.

Our ups and downs

“Through all the ups and downs, you still remain around. Despite the rumors and the drama, you always stayed down. I’ve made you sad, I’ve made you frown, but your happiness I always was around. If what we got is real, than together we are bound. Husband and wife, don’t chu like how that sound? I’m yo king so be my queen and sit back and wear yo crown, and we will always be on top as long as you stay ten toes down.

As we continue this journey from down to up. Just know that the beginning is always rough. But love ain’t always soft, sometimes it’s tough. I love what we have, and I can’t get enough. So through our ups and downs, you still my diamond in the ruff. Our quest is not over, so stay by my side, and when it’s all said and done, I promise we gon’ be alright.”

  • Elias

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