Push Harder

There’s always someone who has it worse than you. I know being a single mom, moving, having a sickness, or having your heart broken can be tough, but their are ways to cope with that. I hate to see people turn to drugs, violence, and gangs because that’s the only thing they believe is there for them. There are other ways to cope with things, it’s not always easy in the beginning, there are things you have to get through on your own, but once you do, it’s such an amazing feeling. I know there are times where we feel things happen to us back to back and gives us an excuse to slack down, but it’s just a test. You don’t just start off amazing, you build your own foundation with or without support. I am very blessed to have started with just a diary, then a pen and paper, now web pages, youtube performances, meeting people, and actual performances. Check me out on youtube, instagram, twitter, and wattpad.

Inspired mostly by Haji, I didn’t think I’d get that far into people’s heads. I didn’t think people understood my vibe, I didn’t think my blogs and poems got to people’s head without the support of Carl, 2muchsauce, Phil, Khari, comma crazy, livay’s sweet shop, entenmann’s, etc, allowing me to write and inspire ya’ll with knowledge based off them, I prolly wouldn’t have made it thus far. We support one another. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something, we’ve all made it thus far. Great examples of people who’ve worked hard!

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