Addressing a Female..

Any female period, we each have names. Now just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean you should address us as anything other. How about “Excuse me Miss,” instead of “Yerddd,” although “Yerddd” is the typical hood slang “for turn around/wassup”, it doesn’t fit correctly when approaching a female.

Females aren’t respected as much as they should be. I mean, we are the ones who carry life, how would you feel if someone approached your mom that way? Do you realize not being able to respect a woman shows a lot about your personality? And as a female, what you allow is what will happen. If you allow someone to walk over you, they surely will. Your body is your temple, stop using it as excuses/remedies for pain.

Also ladies natural beauty is the best beauty. You are beautiful just the way you are. Lashes, Nails, Makeup and Extensions aren’t needed, it’s called pride and self-esteem that’s the best thing you could ever have.

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