Loving the skin you’re in.

This world has an actual opinion on who/what we are supposed to be as male and females, it’s unfair. We like who/what we like and it should not be based off the color of our skin we are in, or sexuality. Now ofcourse if a female is sagging her pants, I’m going to look at her like she crazy, but for all you know they might not fit, why she got to be gay? LOL just examples of how today’s world thinks.

It’s unfair to the children being raised around us because they’re thinking it’s wrong for being who they are and often criticized. Just because one is African American doesn’t mean he / she has to listen to rap/R&B all the time. That’s one things that mainly throws people off, because it definitely surprises me when I hop in the car with my friend and he starts playing rock music and I’m looking like well where’s the turn up music? LOL see once you stop using stereotypes so hard towards one another, you’d actually find out so much about a person and might start to actually like them.

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