Lucid thoughts.

Do you ever think your dreams mean something to you? Do you ever listen to your dreams? We don’t just dream for any reason. We dream because of the things that we’ve been through either we’re paranoid from it, or we dream because of our subconscious trying to tell us something. Usually your subconscious is always trying to tell you about something you shouldn’t be thinking about in my opinion, your subconscious is what makes you fight against yourself, if that makes any sense. I have no problem with my thoughts and dreams because I know how to control them unlike some. But I do feel that my dreams are trying to tell me something. How do you go about handling those things? How do you go about your dreams do you follow them? Because I just been letting my dreams Rock for a while, and progressing from them, or at least trying to. My subconscience and overthinking is what I believe leads me to my seizures sometimes, it’s something I kind of can’t control. When you love something or someone so bad, when you lose something or someone, when you lose a job, even when you’re doing good, your subconscious is always there to fuck with you, excuse my language.

I never believed that dreams can tell you something until I started deeply dreaming. When I say deeply dreaming, I mean someone has to wake me up each morning. The dreams feel as though I am in that dream and cannot wake up, although it’s not me everything is happening to. Let me hear your feedback, what do you do when you have certain dreams do you take heed and progress from it or do you handle it and give it an end so that you don’t dream anymore such things?

I believe dreaming is a way of getting over things and there’s a lot I’m still getting over, this was a very emotional month for me, but you’ll never know. I stay as strong as I can be for my grandmother’s year anniversary, for the passing of my aunt, for my health, for the things I’m seeing in the streets, from my family issues, and my situationships. But you’ll never know, or the world will never know, anything I’ve been through, because I have lives here on Earth to influence, and possibly save. Morning!

– Jessica hunter

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