#Intro “That Other Love Story”

Class of 2014, finally did it, graduated, and walked that stage. If I hadn’t made my momma proud before, she sure is hell was proud now, and that was my way to break free. I had other things I wanted to experience, like partying and turning up. College acceptance letters from FCU, Saint Peters, and Seton hall came through the mailbox like a sequence. Me and college never had no beef, but what could you teach me about myself that I had already didn’t know or taught myself? In my opinion College wanted the only good piece of change I was making, for 4 years, to give me a paper I could print myself, you couldn’t tell me nothing. Newest hairstyles phones, and cars due to the hard work of myself, what else can I ask for?

Usually when you turn 18, you become an adult and do adultish things, but because my mentality was different from others, I thought I was already an adult by the age of 16. I’d always clean, study, or do things on my own until 18 hit and I left home, one big lesson learned.
*fast forward to about a year later*

I’m dating the hottest nigga on the turn tables. It was until I stepped back and thought to myself when I noticed…

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