The wrong thing at the right time.

So one of my barbers was filled with people the day I went to check him, and I couldn’t wait, it was too hot for all’at. I wasn’t in town for long, just to visit and get my hair cut. Anyway, I ended up coming home and noticing my Grandpa’s clippers, and attempted to do it myself. My stepdad recommended a guard that was not cutting my hair, so I took the guard off and thought I was lightly cutting my hair, instead I ended up cutting a patch in the back of my head. And then thought I had to even it out, so I ended up cutting all my hair. I thought it looked crazy, with the help of Hexx who tried to even it out lol, but it just didn’t work. I’d show you the before picture if I had one, lol I was so embarrassed in the Movie Theater with my du-rag on.

But today I went and got it fixed, and now I’m back to being bald n’ beautiful. I don’t mind not having hair, as I always pretty much had a short cut, it’s too hot for all that hair, weave, dreads, whatever, I don’t need nothing dripping on my back. So I guess we did the wrong thing, the wrong way rather, at the right time.

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