Paranormal Activity and The Mind

How deep do you believe in paranormal activity and the things our mind tries to tell us using our body? I never really payed close attention to repetitive dreams, or repetitive wake up times and what they meant until someone told me to look it up. Apparently, I have a habit of waking up around 3am, “Waking up between 3am and 5am is associated with the energy meridian that runs through the lungs and the emotion of sadness. To help yourself get back to sleep, try some slow, deep breathing and express faith in your Higher Power to help you,” via powerofpositivity. It also stated “If the time that you awaken is between 3:00 am and 5:00am, it could also be a sign of your Higher Power alerting you to pay attention to messages that are being sent to align you with your higher purpose. Read more below about this important time frame for wakefulness.”

I took heed to this very well because I’ve been dreaming about a certain someone and situation that recently occurred, some dreams good, and some dreams bad, but it’s like why? What does that mean? I’d like to know deeper, all it is doing is coinciding with the emotion of sadness. But you know something, I haven’t payed attention too, I’ve been trying to progress forward from any bad situation as strong as possible telling myself that I am alright not realizing that I actually could still be feeling some sort of way about what took place. It’s amazing the way messages are delivered through life.

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