Old to you, New to me.

Now I guess this was an anniversary or something, that I seen the Cassey Anthony story across the news, I knew I heard it before, I just didn’t know what it was about. When I watched the news play the scene from her court session, I was grabbed by how deeply people took this case, so I went back and watched the documentary.

I agree that no parent should have to bury their child or see their child deceased, but I do agree that Casey Anthony killed her daughter. For what reason? We all can give many suggestions such as her boyfriend not wanting a child, but when I watched this documentary today they basically said that she felt as though she could not handle the burden of another child. Why couldn’t you give her up for adoption if that was the case? Her grandparents of whom “loved her so dearly”, should’ve adopted her especially if they didn’t believe she drowned in their backyard pool. A lot of things caught my eye, why would you leave your child unsupervised near a pool, and no surveillance near that area? Another thing, I don’t care what happened, my CHILD, someone I gave life too is missing or could possibly be killed, I’m going crazy, emotionally and all. Cassey took that like nothing ever happened.

It pissed me off because there are Mothers out here who really bust their behind to work and make sure their children are good, and there are some women who can’t even have children, and you let something like that happen to your child? See the only way the lawyer was able to get away with the situation the way he did was how he went about the forensics because the prosecutors never presented the actual cause, who, what, when, why, and how, they just presented “what ifs” and bits of evidence. This lawyer, was able to use that against him, and because of that, the jurors denied the case.

My thing is, had I been a part of that case, I would have analyzed everything, like how the Mother’s story was contradicted saying she only told the police it smelled like a dead body in that car because she wanted them to hurry, when you call 911, they hurry any way. I would have also analyzed how strong Cassey was with regards to loosing her child, that’s literally like loosing apart of you, how do you do it? I strongly encourage our parents to keep a great eye out on our children and spend as much time with them as possible. No child asked to be placed on this earth and deserves to be neglected emotionally, physically, and mentally. God bless you Caylee Anthony.

( Jessica Hunter )

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