Pure beauty Is The Best Beauty!

Each day I get asked “Do you think this look good?”, or “Should I post this?” Yes! Be yourself, care about yourself, you stand out more when you are yourself. Purity is such a beautiful thing especially in us all. No makeup, no body shots, etc, is needed to impress anyone. You are the most beautiful thing, the most beautiful feeling in the world. Nobody is perfect, but don’t you feel different with makeup on? Don’t you feel like a different person? And then going home and wiping off that person, that’s not you, still beautiful, but not you. People fail to realize that you don’t need to impress anybody. If they can’t accept you for who you are, your accent for what it is, your disability for what it is, whatever, then they shouldn’t be with you.
We’ve been trying to impress each other for years showing each other a different view, when the real you is what’s under all that extra. People ask me all the time why did I cut my hair, and they wouldn’t be brave to do it. I did it because either way I’m still pretty, I still have my purity, I feel free. Nobody and I mean NOBODY can take that away from me. Insecurities is one of the biggest problems within people, we have got to learn to be ourselves and love ourselves as we are, before allowing someone else to attempt to do so. You are beautiful just the way you are, you are important just the way you are. but there is nothing wrong with bettering yourself if you feel that’s what you wanna do. BUT DO IT FOR YOU!

(Jessica Hunter)

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