“That Other Love Story” Pt.2

Noticed I gotta be something myself, can’t ever depend on anybody fully or anything, and somehow I did. That’s where I fucked up. Started living life, slacking on my money, and over stressing. Is it me? Is it her? What’s my next money move? Where imma lay my head? Things got tough and this nigga really took my side. It seemed too real at first, like how the fuck could somebody be so open hearted? It was all too real, getting money, matching tatts, a different feel. Telling you, everything in the back of my head was about progression and from each disagreement I learned different lessons. At this age, I already knew who and what I wanted in life, how I never got to that point the way I wanted to, I don’t know. I was just tryna understand everything, the rights, the wrongs, and paying attention. I was raised around too many men to not know the game. It was whether or not the game was playing me, and should I play back.

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