“The Soul Purpose”

The soul purpose of this blog is for me to wish my boy Farrod Khari a Happy Birthday! If you with me, you KNOW I be “Lemme bump this one song real quick, and then yall can have it. Track #2, “Come take this flighttttttt.” That is my favorite song to listen to when winding down, relaxing, allat. Khari got feelings because he’s been through somethings. And what I love about his music the most is you hear his honest story. You hear how he’s tryna progress, how that girl from the past wasn’t nothing, you hear his passion to want to do and be better. Click link to view other article.

Originally, the soul purpose of this article was to wish my boy a happy birthday, but his soul purpose is to make sure ya’ll hear him. Check him out on every platform like itunes. Click his name to be linked to his IG. I hope you like what you hear, cuz after I took that flight, “you know I fuck witchu baby”, aint ever gotta question my support. I’m here for the real music, lyrics of things we all can relate to and not just listen to, I wanna feel it. I warned you.

( Jessica Hunter )

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