Thank You ALL!

When you have your joy, can’t nobody steal that from you! Hearing words of wisdom and encouragement pushes you forward. I sincerely would like to thank everyone who helped me make it this far, because this was something I definitely didn’t expect. It’s always what you don’t expect to happen that actually happens. Keep the faith. I’ve been too busy with my webpage and youtube channel, that I forgot about anything I was going through. Being in the streets, or seeing people comment on my social media pushing me to do more makes me smile so hard, because ya’ll don’t know what I fully came from. Look at how I rose over time.

Now what I also want you guys to realize is that everyone and everything is not same. We all react differently to different things and just because you went through one thing doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. Had I held the grudge that I had against a lot of things, like my dad missing out on so much, I’d hate the next man who tried to love me. But for now, I’m tryna make my mom proud, and hearing people tell her “Your daughter is really great at writing” makes me really happy. I finally made somebody proud, and I’m gonna keep doing it because it makes myself feel even better. It makes me happy that the city of Plainfield got my back, can come to me to ask to write about anything and I got them, just as well as anybody else. Anybody who supports me, we going UP from here.

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