Suicidal Awareness

Suicide is such a broad topic that nobody pays attention to. We each have feelings that we aren’t sure how to express and sometimes we box them in. I, Jessica Hunter just want to let you know that after experiencing a loss in myself, I extend an ear to anyone who needs to be heard. On this day, we lost someone close to one of my friends Dom, and maybe someone else on that day, due to suicide. I always stress the fact that you are not alone. I’ve seen a family member look me in my eye at a football game, and two days later, he was gone. You can’t tell me I don’t feel anything you do.

Before attempting to, or taking the life of yourself, always remember there are people who care for you, we just show it differently. Think about how taking your life impacts us as people, if we didn’t feel your pain then, we damn sure feel it now. We live for today, so if something is ever bothering you SPEAK UP. Weight doesn’t define beauty, the way you walk and talk doesn’t define who you are, and who’s hair, where you got it from, and how much it was doesn’t define your beauty. No diagnosis can take away who you are as a person and what you’re living for at that exact moment. Believe it or not there is someone around you who looks up to you, or looks forward to seeing you on a certain day you know?

Regardless of anything, suicide should not be focused on specifically in one month, but everyday. If you or anyone you know is feeling down, try helping, try me, try hotlines, try websites. God doesn’t put you through anything you can’t handle.
























































































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