Connecting yourself through Nature.

I used to be scared of certain animals, which I still am, scared of heights, and just life I guess you can say in general. I took a chance in life, for some weird reason I swam in water with fish and sand, I experienced a different feeling. I felt more open, more peaceful, more connected to earth. I was more connected to my inner self, stress free, it was such an amazing feeling, although it was scary. View it via my vlog on youtube. (Click links to view)

Lately, I’ve seen horses, haven’t rode one YET, coming soon in a hood near you. I’ve been up lovely views and heights of which I was scared of, I haven’t even rode on an airplane yet, but the mountains and sounds of waterfalls is so amazing. Take a chance at life. Ya’ll know good and well I would not be in no water swimming with no fish, but this time, it was different, very different. The sound of the waterfall was so peaceful, nothing else mattered until I snapped back into my inner self and realized what I was doing, I was ready to cross back and get out so fast. LOL.

But really when the sun rises, and the birds begin chirping is such an amazing sound to wake up to. Being connected to Nature calms you down. I’m experiencing new things and different ways of connecting with my inner self again if that makes any sense.

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