Harming A child ?

No Postpartum depression, argument, or any form of depression is worth harming a child. What did the child do to you? No one asked to be here, you made the decision to lay down, you know the consequences. If you feel you cannot handle a child after birth, you should go about different ways of getting help, no child should be put in danger because they did not ask to be here. I read upon an article where a man killed his 3 week old baby, and I wondered why.. how..?

How could you harm someone who looks just like you? Who didn’t ask to be here? Do you know there are people who are unable to have children, and you are just taking the life of one as if it’s nothing? How do you think that affects those who can’t have children? It affects us all. People don’t think before they do things and to whom it may have an effect on, you’re not in everything alone. To those who can’t have children, or have lost children, it might take a toll on them as well. If we all helped one another instead of trying to be in competition with one another, maybe this world would be a better place.

You got kids out here being lost to the streets, and you take the life of your own? How could you do such a thing? If anything, I’d hold my child closer, and for those of you who don’t have that special bond with your child, do what you gotta do to get it back. No drug, no alcohol, no depression, is worth loosing a bond with your child. You brought him/her into this world, don’t you see yourself?

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