Club music & It’s influence


As I always say, I stand for positivity in Plainfield, and though they say we too old, whatever keeps the youth happy and out of trouble I totally support. So if it’s club music that we are still dancing too, why not? I may not do it anymore or as much, but the youth has a good time and stays out of trouble especially with “🗣Ohmygawd it’s Flyytheproducer,DJ Blizz, Dj Smallz, 93rd, etc. It’s a lot of talent in the city of Plainfield that we ignore or have to move to a certain area because people don’t know how to act. We got children who look up to this, I know ya’ll see how many dance videos go up a day or how much the party is shakin’ once that club music hits. It’s all about positive vibes.

I feel as though at this point, age shouldn’t matter. As long as you’re doing something you love, and it’s for the benefit of you, and/or anyone else, that’s all that matters. Believe it or not, club music actually makes it far in life, it’s something that just keeps going as the newer generation evolves. This is what makes our kids happy, this is what keeps them outta trouble. As far as our DJ’s and Producers, what ever you play, dance to, or mix, puts income in ya pocket, so do what you gotta do.

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