Have you experienced an Amazing Taste?

You know I support positivity, ESPECIALLY if it has to do with food. Have you experienced an Amazing Taste? I have! When mom ain’t cook Sunday dinner, or you on ya lunch break, stop on by and try my favorite 2 or 3 piece fried fish with mac and cheese and candied yams. I don’t care what nobody say Mac and Cheese and Candied yams go together, and if any isn’t available, I will wait. It’s a great mix!

My next favorite is the oxtails in gravy over rice. I’ve always loved oxtails, especially when I became “Jamerican”, you know, Jamaican and American. 😂 LOL. When it comes to a nice Dinner platter, I definitely recommend Amazing Taste, it’s such an Amazing Taste!

Now banana pudding is my favorite! & I have yet to try it here, but I’ve tried them empanadas and before I knew about how good these platters was about, the jerk chicken empanada was all I was worried about. Overall, you don’t know what you’re missing, and if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

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