“My Favorite Lesson”- Jessica Hunter

Dove never felt so good against my body until the first day I let you wash it. You let me sit, washed my back, and then slowly gave me a kiss.

What’s mine is yours, but this right here is mine. My body is my temple. that’s what makes me shine. You can hold it, caress it, just don’t think I’m blind. Blind ton what you just came out of, and blind to wasting my time.

I’d never fall backwards in this tub, although I know you’re there. “I got you, you got me is becoming so rare.”

I didn’t need any help outta the tub, but you showed me something new. You lead the path this time, but I’m a leader too. For some reason, I followed you back to the room.

Getting dressed wasn’t a question, your body was a blessing. When it pushed up against mine, we wasn’t even sexing. You showed me what everybody else didn’t, that’s why you’re my favorite lesson.

Video available via https://instagram.com/p/BmeKKnnjnxK/

(Jessica Hunter) (Literaturebyjessc)

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