Yesterday’s Block Party.

So as I been telling ya’ll week, I was getting prepared for JHBD to show ya’ll attitude in this block party, and they surely did. It’s so much positivity in Plainfield and the fact that these dance teams can all dance in front of each other and still hold good sportsmanship is totally amazing. Altariq flipped that ponytail that he ain’t even have on his head that’s how you know he had that sass. We always make a will out of a way. SPECIAL THANKS to DJ Temp from JHBD for making a mix out of what wasn’t mixed and did everything so well and on point. Everyone turned and looked at me like “You knew him, why you didn’t say he could do that?” And I’m standing there like “Umm I forgot, I thought ya’ll knew!” Temp big up yuh self!

It was so much talent around to be such a small community, nothing but positive vibes all through that street. For such a last minute event, thank you Mrs. Davina Washington, the donations, book-bags, etc., around was amazing. It was a good feeling to see these kids enjoy a party while being prepared for school. Plainfield we are one, but we come with so much talent that we didn’t even know one another had. WE HAD STUDIO 15 in the building, so whatever I’m missing he’s definitely got it, along with the beautiful Rayn. Her performance had me ready to be her back up singer for anything she needed, but what really was amazing was how she didn’t make the show about her specifically, she included the children as well. Click link below to see.

( Literaturebyjessc )

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