A part of a woman.

A woman should always set a great example for any man on this earth. Would you rather have a woman who can cook or one who cleans? I need both, I have to do both. It’s not about having OCD, it’s about staying organized, staying clean. How you present your home is how your present yourself. Clean up after yourself. As a woman how does that feel to not do so?

I can’t just live life knowing that my house isn’t clean, or there’s nothing in the fridge to eat. I gotta get that fridge full, working or not. I gotta clean. Each morning and each night I get up and cook/clean. It’s a difference as a woman, see that’s what we’re “labeled” to do or known to do, but don’t get it twisted, we bring in them coins too. How you think you eatin? It ain’t always food stamps and if it is SO WHAT? You eating ain’t chu? I hate when people complain of EBT, but don’t complain about how good that food is. Tuh, stay up on game Kings and Queens.

( Jessica Hunter )

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