Dear “90’s Baby’s”

So, I’m constantly getting asked why I always listen to the oldies songs and always told I have an “old soul”. I love it tbh! You guys fail to realize a lot of today’s music, dance, dress, and expression comes from the 90’s. We just found ways to mix it up so that it coincides with today’s world. To the younger crowd listening to club mixes, where do you think these zips and mixes came from? Pleaseeeeee! No one did it better than the 90’s.

Down to the dress code before bandanas actually stood for a gang thing so hard, it was part of an outfit as well. Ladies where do you think we get the styles of jean jackets and such from? Remember the jean jacket jumpsuits ladies wore back then? The dance moves people do today are a reincarnation of the old moves of the 90’s. Pay attention to where you came from, and where you’re going everyone. I’m NOT saying today’s music is bad i’m just saying that most of our music today comes from back then, and i’m curious of where we came from.

( Jessica Hunter )

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