Why Forgive?

Back in maybe 2004/2005, there was some event down at Plainfield’s City Council where people spoke a story that was to influence us each in their own way, with a boat ride to follow. Now, my memory isn’t too clear, but who influenced me myself was Hashim Garrett . I had the pleasure of meeting him at a young age, and hope to meet him again soon.

Now at that age, I was too young to understand some of the things Hashim was saying, like really feel/connect to him. But with re-reading his story today in a book titled “Why Forgive,” I completely understand now. Each person has a story on why you should forgive someone/something, but Hashim was very brave for forgiving someone who shot him six times. When you forgive someone who’s hurt you physically so deep, that is such an influence as apposed to emotional. Although I’d take physical pain over any, it made me look at things different.

You see physical pain leaves scars and memories, and it takes a lot to look at a scar knowing what it did to you and how you receive it. All sorts of pain effects us in our own way, but because God always sees you through, you should always forgive and be better. Because Hashim didn’t go for revenge, he is able to tell the world why in a positive way with an influence on moving on.

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