Nonfiction Radio WZYE 95.9FM

First of I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to Nonfictionradio for shouting me out. It is a blessing to have started with a pen and a notebook, as I did, to this stage. I continuously encourage and enforce “Trying harder,” and “Ray Swag” pushed harder straight outta Newark, NJ, to New Jersey’s number one online radio station. Family oriented, you hear DJ Bam on Nonfictionradio live Friday’s and Saturday’s, you’ve heard Haji live this past Saturday as a an amazing interactive co-host, you’ve even heard “literaturebyjessc” mentioned, and nonfictionradio live every day on 95.9fm. It’s amazing to see such progession come from someone, come from a family. “Ray Swag,” started this dream in an ordinary basement to a fully equipted studio with an audio a video production facility, an actual 105.1 type of thing. The views on this station is CRAZY.

What I love about this station the most is that it’s different host, you get different vibes from people. Nonfictionradio is open to different ideas and the help of your exposure as well. With affordable prices, they don’t just play your song once, they make sure your song gets stuck in somebody’s head, they make sure people feel your song. Including different other ways of getting you out there such as promotion flyers and live interviews for affordable prices, I love to see Jersey supporting one another, and because they’ve supported me, and thelovemoremvmnt, I gotta download the app to my phone because apparently I been missing out.

(Jessica Hunter)

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