Do you believe in your zodiac sign?

Each time I meet someone, I always check for ways of connection through how they speak and their actions. I’m always looking at things from a far or shall I say “Peepin'”? Even as friends, and new people I meet, when having any conversation I always ask “What’s your zodiac sign?”

Now, I was big on it at first, but it’s very controversial. You see, the connection we grasp from one another comes from the things we like and dislike as people. It comes from the way we present ourselves to one another, how we speak, and think. Now, I’ll be honest in some cases I do believe statements about zodiac signs such as my sign and a few others. Every Aries I’ve met has to always be right, and really tell you what their thinking no matter how it comes out. Every Virgo I’ve met is emotional, every Libra I met lacks form of communication, and every Gemini I’ve met, including myself have different personalities. But see had I not said anything about me being a Gemini, you probably wouldn’t have known. There’s nothing wrong with that, and maybe that’s not you, but I’m big on the mind and perception of people. I believe there is no excuse for our personalities. For example, you could’ve grown up around rude people all your life, and grow to be polite.

We also each have an influence on each other. Do you believe in what your zodiac sign stands for and how they intertwine with others?

( Jessica Hunter )

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