You got me, I got you.

You got me, I got you, that’s how I was raised. As long as I got a shirt on my back, if I have a sweater on overtop of that, and you were cold, you got it. If I’m eating and you’re hungry, you want some? Just because I came from times where I didn’t have certain things and I know the effects it has on one, I know what certain issues did to me, so imagine what they’d do to somebody else. It’s such a great feeling helping someone out, even when they don’t need it. I was in the store the other day and only brought my card, of which I only use to purchase certain things (budgeting), and forgetting I needed something else, I was about to run to the car to grab what was needed for the purchase and some guy behind me paid for it by the time I had gotten back. I was parked right in front of the store geesh, I thought to myself, but he did it out of kindness and didn’t even want the change back, nothing but a hug.


So today I ask you to keep in mind that fall is here, and because you have heat, some people may not, because you have socks and shoes, somebody else may not. I’m not saying it’s your duty to keep others warm, but we are all here for each other regardless of how well we know each other. We fought so hard for justice as a team just to separate? I am asking you, the world, and anyone else who can hear and deliver this message to assist in donating to boys and girls (men and woman), coats, scarfs, gloves, and socks is majorly needed, but we are accepting anything else. They will be washed and handed out on dates to be announced in two different locations on two different days with music by DJ Bam, one of the hottest DJ’s shutting down Rio Lounge, and Nonfictionradio, ( Fridays and Saturdays ) , and hosted by The Lovemoremvmnt with “Motivation and chill, etc,” Hope to catch you guys there! Our deadline is October 15th, I can’t wait to see how many people get warmed up!

( Jessica Hunter )

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