We Pray Ft Popcaan

They say Islanders are the most kind-hearted people. Jamaicans are my favorite tbh. The vibes they bring around one another is so positive, or when they see positivity going the strive to push you forward is absolutely amazing. I’m not Jamaican, but I can tell you that it’s not about throwing your body everywhere, and every Jamaican guy isn’t the same. I’ve been told that they all cheat, not true, and I’ve been told they don’t like nothing on there feet most of the time, lol, that can be true. I’ve seen this all for myself, witnessed the love for Jamaica, it’s so amazing that some Americans love Jamaica more than themselves. If I’m not dating a Jamaican, I definitely keep them as friends because of their positivity, their comedy, how open they are, infact, I keep a lot of them to the side. Sometimes older heads than younger because the older heads instill you with that push of “I’ve been there, keep pushing,” they’ve had it harder than me or been there and done that so I know how to go about certain things.

It wasn’t till I heard Dre Island‘s- We pray ft Popcaan, that I began to look at things differrently. “Through it all we survive, yet still hold the faith, unchangable.” I was down and out, going through this and that, I wasn’t even literaturebyjessc yet. My feelings was hurt, I was lost in life and stuck between who I was, and who I wanted to be, none of it coincided. I finally opened up to my sister instead of just a book and pen, and she suggested this song. The day I heard it, I played it over, and over, and over. And though things have brightened up for me so Amazingly, I still listen to that song each day singing right beside Dre Island and Popcaan on stage, because that’s what got me here, that’s what keeps me pushing. I promise you from the bottom of my heart, if you haven’t heard this song, you don’t know what you’re missing. I can give advice, but this song basically fits about any situation and is SUCH AN UPLIFTMENT. I guess that’s why I’m so hooked onto Jamaicans now.

( Jessica Hunter )

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