You Are My Reflection.

I’d like to acknowledge a few ways of respect between you and your “partner” and your partner’s respect for your family. As a partner, he/she should always support for you, you guys are a team, a reflection of one another. How he/she presents themselves to the public is how you look as well, same thing as the crowd you hang around. What plays a major role in my mind is how you present yourself to others and your motive. It impresses me to see my family interact with anyone I associate with. If my mom isn’t feeling it, maybe it’s something wrong. I’m not saying my love/respect for you would change because one of my family members didn’t like you, that could be something that we could work on.

It’s when you take the initiative without me even having to tell you to say “Hi” or make sure you speak to my mom when she walks up. That’s what tells me what type of person you are. It’s a level of respect, just as if I come to your house, you’d expect me to do the same. Which I do, and vice versa. Another way of getting towards me, although it doesn’t really matter, because I’m the one who is liking you, as long as my family loves you, I love you more. It’s amazing when a family who has nothing to do with you takes you in as there own and vice versa. I thank everyone who has done so, as it is my turn to finally accept and deny who I allow in my heart and home.

I’ve seen people love before, and it’s a build up. How do you just jump right into a relationship without knowing the person fully? A friendship, doing fun things, weird things, is what I’m all about. I’m not gonna say I’m afraid to love again, I’m gonna say I’m gonna take my time in doing so. Making sure I’m initiating a bond and understanding before just jumping right on in. “If we’ve been hanging out everyday, playing games, working, going on weird dates, and together all day, everyday, don’t ask me what we are, we are friends.” LOL. Reason for writing this article is because one of my friends spoke to my mom as she pulled up, but I wasn’t near and wanted to know what was said, and all that was said back to me was ” I got the juice,” LOL. There are still people out here with respect, and how I allow you to enter my family, heart, and home, shows a major reflection of me.

( Jessica Hunter )

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