Bringing Together Talent!

You guys don’t understand what happens when talent gets seen man. When we expose one another with different forms of talent and bring things together, it’s called teamwork. I originally started off just writing on my own, doing poetry and short stories, and then I seen so much success elsewhere, WE ARE NOT HEARD LOUD ENOUGH. I found joy in writing about others and interacting in interviews and videos. Eventually, I got better at it and began to get known. In writing, I began to promo myself enough to be known elsewhere, meeting new people with different talents, and pushing us all forward with positivity.

haji model

Haji, A model, a guest co-host, a motivator with a non-profit organization. Her reflection of beauty and inspiration not only in the mirror, but in others. Her motivation to want to help others inspired me to push myself, as well as push others more. See what I enjoy the most about this picture is her emphasizes all around. The picture alone just says something to you. Thelovemoremvmnt is such a great organization that I had to donate myself, not just because of the energy and dedication she brings, but because I know how it feels. View video here.  

I speak so much on talents because as I tell bro Kasi, it’s more talent out here than just what we see, let’s lead. Let’s give out the positive vibes and others learn from and grow from. Positivity brings out the best in ourselves, our community, he went from just snapping pics at parties, to pulling up in his own truck to yo party with all equipment necessary not only for his city, but in a hood near you. Great Job Studio15!


Speaking of Great talent, I’ve been blessed with the ability to meet Marv. Such an amazing artist. The flow of her emotions through songs, you actually feel it. You feel what she’s saying man, I heard one of her songs “No feelingz” and downloaded it to my phone. Playing in the background of my most recent vlog (youtube) , I feel in love with it. “No we ain’t together, mind ya business we just chilling.” Catch her live coming soon in a hood near you October 20th. Along with literaturebyjessc, I support!

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