So I needed a hair cut bad as heck one day, and I was on foot at the time, preparing for events back to back. Remember I told ya’ll about “Different cuts” back in May? My first time meeting Chinstar was getting my haircut and I was a bit worried because I was in a totally different barbershop, away from my barber. MAAAAAANNNNNNNN, I love all my barbers and I constantly speak positively of them all, but look below.screenshot_2018-05-23-16-59-582041612722.png

I was flicking it up all night that night, lol. But then my cousin called me because she was sitting the shop with Marv, ya’ll know “Marvtheartist“, and I’m like who cutting her hair? Soon as she started describing the barber I’m like flip the camera, “Ah Chinstar Dat?” My boy hopped in the camera waiting for my next appointment, always about his business. Peep Marv cut below:

Soon as I posted his video on Instagram, others went “that’s my barber too”, looked at his Instagram and started seeing a lot of familiar faces. All I’m saying is set up your appointment in his DM asap with him at 3h barbershop located at 317 E front st, Plainfield, NJ.

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